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Chula Vista’s Hercules Towing Pulls You to Safety

There are many instances when we need our car pulled away from the road. It does not require a major accident for our cars to need getting into a garage. Today, with car engine systems becoming electronic and ever more sophisticated, even the smallest minor collision might cause our engine to stop and our cars to grind into a halt. For whatever reason it may be, having our car stuck and immobile in the middle of the road requires a quick tow, even for several hundred yards away, until the problem can be handled.

Some of the actions people take when their cars become immobile are trying to move it by themselves. This is not only hazardous to your vehicle, but also to yourself, since attempting to manually move a car from a busy highway is so risky it many times leads to impact, injuries and even death. The second option people choose is contacting their car manufacturer for solutions. This not only takes precious time, but usually does not lead to a resolution. What is both a swift and a secure solution to any car immobility problem is a versed towing company, that will get to your whereabouts in a hurry, tow you to safety, and most likely resolve the problem right there without the need of further towing to a garage.

The Quickest and Safest Towing Solutions

At Hercules Towing Chula Vista, we can guarantee an expert service in the most affordable and competitive prices. We feel obligated to keeping our roads safe and you our members out of peril. This is why we only employ the best certified tow technicians and operate using only the most advanced towing gear to provide you with a full range of towing solutions suitable for every and any need. Our members receive:

  • Specialized towing assistance 24/7
  • Different size tow trucks for optimal safety and efficiency
  • A staff of friendly certified service providers guaranteeing a pleasant customer experience
  • ETA of 30 minutes
  • Immaculate technique and high-tech equipment
  • Licensed tow service with vast experience
  • Local tow company familiar with every road in Chula vista
  • Reliable services that are a household name in Chula vista
  • Extremely affordable rates throughout the year

If you are experiencing car problems, or have your car stranded, give Hercules Towing a call and receive professional solutions at (619) 736 – 9990.