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Chula Vista Motorists Benefit from a Powerful Wrecker Service

Once upon a time, in Greek mythology, there was a handsome strong man, well, half man half god, that was a symbol for invincibility and strength. Because we at Hercules Towing so fiercely believe in the professionalism of our staff, we feel proud to promise our community of Chula Vista a perfect wrecker service, delivered to our customer’s full satisfaction.
It is all about professionally trained technicians and cutting edge equipment, which allow us to be number 1 in roadside assistance services in Chula Vista.

Not a Myth

We are dead serious when we say that we are the best in our job. Hercules Towing always strives to provide the residents of Chula Vista with the full solution package to their roadside problems.
Car crashes are always an unpleasant ordeal, let alone when a car gets completely wrecked. When cars get involved in accidents, and especially when they get warped and bent, towing becomes an issue.
The need to clear the road and tow the vehicles away is apparent, yet towing them when they are misshaped seems next to impossible.
Here is where Hercules Towing comes in, offering expert wrecker services anywhere in Chula Vista. Using specifically designed flatbed tow trucks, our expert team of technicians is able to get any vehicle, regardless of its shape, to safety.
Familiar with Chula Vista’s every road and alley, we arrive at the scene faster than most believe possible. With 24/7 availability and ETAs of only 30 minutes, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Expert Roadside Assistance Solutions

Our comprehensive roadside services include:

  • Emergency gas refilling
  • Broken ignition key removal
  • Long distance towing and local towing
  • Dead battery jumpstart & replacement
  • Dolly towing services
  • Light / medium / heavy duty towing
  • Motorcycle towing
  • Open trunk services
  • Auto lockout solutions
  • Accident removal services
  • Etc.

Glad to Be of Service

Hercules Towing always operates to maintain short response times of less than 30 minutes in order for our community of Chula Vista to save precious time on the road.
Contact us at (619) 736-9990 and receive the finest roadside assistance you ever expected. It is not just about the vehicles, it is about the customers and their well being.